Tuesday, October 13, 2009

last night in Arviat

It's my last night in Arviat and I can't sleep/pulling a packing all-nighter/listening to Dial A Stranger. (Thanks Mercedes & Zachary)

I'm bittersweet about leaving Arviat. Even though I was only here for a month, I feel like had a chance to connect with some really kind, wonderful, interesting folks. I played a lot of radio bingo. I learned some new hand clapping games from 7 and 10 ye
ar old girls. I ate narwhale.

At the same time, I am excited to continue researching a
nd traveling. Warmer weather will be nice. And even though I'm leaving, I'm looking forward to sending postcards, and of course, to calling up Arviaqpaluk and to say hi and wish everyone happy birthday.

My next stop is Toronto -- I'm there for a week, going to the regional NCRA conference check it check it and then down to Ecuador to learn Spanish.

Here is a picture of the Hudson Bay. It's just now beginni
ng to freeze over.

And what it sounded like at two in the afternoon today:

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